Tuesday, 19 April 2011

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From Sahil Baghla(Cyber Security Expert)
It's bad karma to steal other people's work. Gregory D. Evans, who self-proclaims himself the "World's No. 1 hacker", published a book full of plagiarized copyrighted material belonging to others. Since I've been in the security industry for nearly 2 decades and never heard of this guy or his company, Ligatt Security, I figured I would Yahoo his company name. And there on the front page of results for all to see were the tell-tale signs of a successful XSS attack on his website.

Ironically, the Ligatt Security tag line reads "protecting the world's computer one cpu at a time". I guess when you're "protecting the world's computers one cpu at a time" it takes quite a while to do them all. Hopefully Evans will get around to protecting his own website soon.
The person who hacked the site has a sense of humor; the iframe embedded on the site loads a benign YouTube video titled Charle Schmidt's Keyboard Cat (safe to view).
However, the vulnerability in the site could just as easily have been exploited to deliver malware instead. Thankfully the hacker was more concerned over site visitors' safety than is Evans or his company Ligatt Security. This probably explains why no one in the real security industry has ever heard of Evans before.
my facebook pasword and also my email was steal by someone who realy atach to hacking.do u can help me to safe it??